Marketing Dot Com

Editorial graphics for a monthly internet marketing magazine.

Image of a creased boxing fight style poster stuck to a wall
Image of a piece of paper and crayons on a desk
Image of a Google-branded magnifying glass on a Monopoly board
Image of a three dimensional QR code
Image of a virus symbol and a smiley face
Image of a laptop computer under a spotlight wrapped up in Police tape
Image of a jewel encrusted 'No Twitter' symbol
Image of a harnd cursor icon pressing down on a Pay Per Click button
Image of an office door with a notice crudely attached to the glass, partially covered by the shadow of Batman
Image of a slightly folded map and three map pins
Image of two branded America football helmets above an American football field.
Illustration of a pouch of fast food fries carrying a health warning
Image of rows and rows of laptop computers with the same logo displayed on every screen
Image of two email envelopes embedded in to a target
Image of an envelope emerging from the screen of a laptop computer
Image of a head that is partially transparent showing the skull and spinal column
Image of an open hand with a spark between the thumb and forefinger

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